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KIngdom Us Q & A

Written by Pastor Darin


How does a Christian woman deal with a marriage...

Christmas at N3C

Written by Pastor Darin

At the end of every calendar year, I am so grateful for new people that have come to N3C throughout the year. If you are one who has come to N3C this year and found us to be your church home... Thank you for allowing us to serve you! 

What about Christmas at N3C? The Christmas season always brings a few questions from those who attend weekly, especially those that have recently connected with us. So I am writing this blog today in order to help bring some understanding as to why Christmas at N3C looks different than most all of the Christian churches that you have known or maybe came from.

You may notice that there are not any wreaths, trees, boughs of holly, green & red decorations, or nativity scenes among the decor. Nor is there any caroling, cantata’s, candlelight, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service scheduled. You may be wondering, “Why? That is so odd for a Christian church.”


A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my chair in my living room, I had just finished reading and was spending a few minutes thinking about what I had just read. Looking around the room, I noticed something that I had not seen for a while that needed attention but had not taken the time to do it.

When Lynette and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, we bought new living room furniture. We bought nice furniture. In the past, we had bought affordable furniture from the big-box warehouse type furniture stores but it didn’t last very long. This time we paid a bit more but for a better quality.

Freedom of Joy

Many years ago I heard a definition of what “kingdom of God” means. Simply, it is “God’s way of doing things.” That definition has become a staple in my heart when I read the Bible and come across that phrase. When we are asked to live according to the “kingdom of God”, we are simply being asked to conduct our life in a way that conforms to God’s ways of doing life. That is the way that Jesus lived life, not because of the pressure of Him being “God’s Son”, but because He was a “man” focused and relying upon the leading of the Holy Spirit and striving after the Law of Love.

For Christians (Christ-followers) it is our life to not just ask the question, “What would Jesus do?” but to “do” what Jesus did. Focus and rely on the Holy Spirit and strive after the Law of Love.

LGBT Blog Post

Man! I am glad social media has finally died-down over the last several days! There are so many decisions changing our nation, it has been crazy. Some say it’s good and others say it’s a sign of the end of days. This may be a little late but I personally have had to take a step back and gather my thoughts from all the cultural firestorm of negativity before I responded to my church family.

Here is my concern... So many of my Christian brothers and sisters are getting caught up in the upheaval of the feelings of betrayal, confusion and righteous indignation that they are acting as if we are victims instead of overcomers. When we act like victims our responses begin to paint a picture that we have been put back on our heels and having to defend ourselves.

True Riches

Written by Pastor Darin

Last weekend, in our series Keeping Up With The Jones’, I talked about the first of 2 Principle Keys to Having ENOUGH. In Luke 16, Jesus led the charge in letting us know that if we are faithful in the little of God’s everything, that true riches would be put into our hands. It is those true riches that produce a prosperous soul (3 John 2).

Jewish scholars say that because those that were sitting at Jesus feet were Hebrews (Jews), they had common understanding that He was speaking of the Tithe. They were proud of their heritage of being children of Abraham. For them, Genesis 14 speaks of Abraham honoring God with 10% (Tithe) of spoils of war by giving it to God’s original priest, King Melchizedek. Abraham was faithful with the little of God’s everything.

The New Testament also speaks of Christians as being children of Abraham. If Abraham was faithful in the little (10%) of God’s everything, our heritage is to be faithful in the little (10%) of God’s everything in our lives.